Demarest Meat Plant LLC

1884 Valley Road - Forest Lake Township
Montrose NY 18801

Business Description

There's No Meat Like Stevie D's Meat!
Demarest Meat Plant LLC is a family owned and operated custom butchering plant since November 2011.


  • Family Owned and Operated Since 2011 - Owner: Steven Demarest
  • Custom Butchering of Dairy Steers, Sheep, Goat, Hogs, Beef & Deer.
  • We Process Your Meat Into Delicious Mouthwatering Sausage, Steaks, Kielbasa, Bologna, Jerky, Etc...
  • Call To Schedule Your Custom Butchering of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat, Dairy Feeder Steers and Deer
  • Big Buck Annual Contest PA Rifle Season Only


  • 2011


  • Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
  • Sat 9am-12pm
  • PA Rifle Hours: Deer Season Hours Mon - Sat 8am-8pm and Sun 8am-12pm

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